Sunday, November 22, 2015

Why does "Picking up a Permit" sound so EASY? Part II

Hmmmmm, let's see: last post we were trying to get ALL the information required from a jurisdiction to get a Demolition Permit. This is nearly impossible if attempting by phone and/or relying on jurisdiction website alone.  Even with repeated experience the permit obtaining experience can and will vary depending upon personnel and their interpretation of the permit requirements for their respective jurisdictions.....

As a summary of the previous post, listed below is a simplifield "checklist" that MAY or MAY NOT apply per your jurisdiction for the demolition permit seeker. Quiz the building permit office personnel for the following documents applicability to your project............OR just call Southern Demolition and Environmental and ask us to complete your project with permitting!

For those ambitious do-it-yourselfers here you go:

  • Specific # of copies of a Demolition Site Plan prepared by a registered Surveyor or Engineer.
  • Specific size of Demolition Site Plan
  • Build Back Plan
  • Specific requirements and notes per that jurisdiction desire on Site Plan: ie, dumpster placement, erosion control, topography indicated, state and local stream buffers, etc
  • Rodent Letter or "Rat Letter" - supplied by a licensed Exterminator after treatment to ensure Rodents will not flee during the course of demolition
  • Asbestos Clearance Letter - supplied by an accredited Asbestos Inspector verifying Asbestos Containing Materials are not present and/or have been properly abated prior to demolition.
  • EPD Notification - Required on NESHAPS asbestos and/or demolition work meeting specific requirements and presented to the Environmental Protection Division naming work methods, schedule and other pertinent information relative to demolition and/or asbestos work.
  • Letter from licensed plumber certifying that Septic Tank has been pumped (if applicable)
  • Evidence of intent of installing construction entrance per jurisdiction pre construction inspection requirements.
  • Erosion Control Bond (Cobb County)
  • Current Business License
  • Name and Number of individual holding Blue Card
  • Photos of structure to be demolished - potentially several for consideration by the jurisdiction Historical Society
  • Fees, Site Development Fees, Additional Fees
  • Additional Permits that must be issued in conjunction with Demolition Permit (ie, Sewer Plug Permit per City of Atlanta).
  • Keep 404-478-7142, Office number for Southern Demolition and Environmental in your back pocket for emergency! website:   email:

                                                       Demolition Permit Ready!
                                                                Photo: G Ragsdale

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