Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Demolition of the Georgia Dome?

Is this what is destined for the Georgia Dome? Couldn't they re-use the Dome as a movie studio? I'll try and remember to email City Council members with the suggestion!
Southern Demolition and Environmental Staff probs and potholes prior to digging and demolition project at site outside Atlanta in Austell, Georgia
The following is from the Georgia 811 Utility Protections Center, Inc website:

What is the tolerance zone?

The tolerance, or buffer zone, extends two feet on either side of the outer edge of the facility. Please try not dig within the tolerance zone. However, if you have to dig within the buffer zone, follow these guidelines:

• Do not use picks or mattocks.

• When using a shovel, keep face of blade parallel to and pointing away from the "flag line."

• When using posthole diggers, keep the opening between blades pointing in the same direction as the utility lines.

• In hard compacted soils, pothole to the side of the locate marks and collapse the soil into the hole while digging towards the marks.

Here is a sample tolerance zone diagram: