Saturday, May 2, 2015

Demolition - Where the Men are Men and the Women are........Initials

Demolition - It is a MAN'S World and I'm ok with that - G. Ragsdale

So I've selected a field where women are the secretaries and the men are the wreckers.  Even I find myself exclusively using the words, "how many men, how many days" when I'm estimating or in a pre-bid - clarifying most questions using the male pronoun.

I'm settled here lately on not challenging the sexism that exists. I should ball up all the emails that begin:


Your pricing for this proposal is due by noon."

and accept it. I should take my inner secretary and take all instances of sexism that I feel I've been privy to, and apply for 8a, Federal certification for those in my position with my experiences and qualifications. But I'm not that organized! Where is that girl?  But I can...... measure a building, estimate asbestos abatement, time and materials, men and days, read a site plan, apply for a permit, organize logistics, build a lead to proposal software customized for my firm, achieve compaction and pull an underground storage tank.  HOWEVER, from now on, I vow to do that in the most male way possible.


G. Ragsdale