Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Industry News

In partnership with the National Demolition Association, Purdue University Press has released a new demolition textbook for those both in and aspiring to the demolition field.

The book, Demolition: Practices, Technology and Management, was written by Richard J Diven, a 40-year demolition vet with ICONCO and RJ Diven Consulting, LLC and Mark Shaurette, an assistant professor in Building Construction Management at Purdue University.

The topics covered in the book include modern demolition practices and regulations, estimating and contracts, safety, typical demolition equipment, debris handling and recycling, use of explosives, disaster response, and demolition project management.

Michael Taylor, executive director of the National Demolition Association (NDA), speaks highly of the book. “This is the first systematic presentation of means and methods that define exactly what modern demolition contractors do,” he says. The Association is offering the book for free with new membership.

To purchase the textbook, visit the Purdue University Press website at http://www.thepress.purdue.edu/ or the NDA website at www.demolitionassociation.com.