Friday, January 8, 2010

Help! I need to get a demolition permit.........Tips and Advice

Whether you are obtaining a demolition permit in the City of Atlanta, City of Sandy Springs, or elsewhere in the metro Atlanta area, it is often a requirement to have a registered surveyor prepare a site plan that indicates the building or house to be demolished, accessory structures, the septic tank (if any), trees to be removed, trees to be protected, erosion control measures, and tree save fencing. Often, site plan reviewers will add notations that need to be added to the site plan for approval. Our relationships with our surveyors allow us to obtain a survey quickly, and cost effectively.

When Southern Demolition and Environmental secures a demolition permit for a homeowner, builder or investor, we act as expeditiously as possible to engage the vendors required to make submission of application as seamless as possible. Turnaround times for various permit offices vary. Some permit offices, such as Cobb County, City of Lawrenceville, and Fulton County can process demolition permits in as little as one day. Other permit offices, such as City of Sandy Springs, City of East Point, Dekalb County Athens-Clarke County and City of Atlanta can take substantially more time and have more stringent requirements.

The City of Atlanta now sends demolition applications and site plans through Site Development, in addition to the Planning Department, Arborist and Zoning (thus, the cost for demolition permit has increased). Before Nov 1st, 2009, one could get a demolition permit in one day. Now the turnaround time for approval can be as much as 10 business days - or more. It is important to submit multiple copies of site plans (nine are currently required, but have more prepared to be on the safe side). Also, be aware that the Department of Planning is not open to the public five days a week. Check with their schedule before planning to apply for the permit. They do take appointments, however, and it is recommended to make one in advance, should you seek to speak to a city planner.

If your property is cited by the code enforcement agency of your jurisdiction, and you are required to demolish your property, please contact the qualified personnel at Southern Demolition and Environmental at 404-931-1173. Our expertise in permit acquisition has saved our clients thousands of dollars in potential fines from code enforcement agencies.