Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 10 Tips for Demolishing a House

Demolishing a single family dwelling can take only a day or two with the right expertise and equipment.

When most people think of "demolition," they conjure up images of a giant wrecking ball taking down an office tower. However, many demo jobs simply involve tearing down a single family house, a dilapidated detached garage, or similar structure.

People demolish houses for any number of reasons, including:
  • Obsolescence – the house is no longer viable as a dwelling
  • Financial - removing the house could make the land more attractive for potential resale and/or reduce the owner’s property tax liability and liability
  • Development – builders, developers, and owners build speculative homes or custom homes on land that is currently occupied with a dwelling
  • Condemnation – The local Code Enforcement Agency may be levying fines against you for a dilapidated dwelling.
Southern Demolition and Environmental has demolished hundreds of structures. We distilled our years of experience into this series, Top 10 Tips for Demolishing a House, designed to help you understand the components and scope of a demolition project.  Utilize this scope in comparing bids, questioning contractors, and ensuring that your project is completed professionally.

If you do choose to select a demolition professional to complete your demolition project, we hope you'll consider hiring Southern Demolition and Environmental. We will take these 10 steps and reduce them to one decision – the selection of our organization for turnkey demolition services.

We will post a new tip every four days over the next month. Check back for more updates!

Top 10 Tips for Demolishing a House
  1. Allow Time for Permits (June 1)
  2. Find an Insured Demolition Company (June 5)
  3. Research Permits & Regulations (June 9)
  4. Apply for Permits & Provide Fees (June 13)
  5. Hazardous Material Inspections (June 17)
  6. Contact Utilities for Disconnection (June 21)
  7. Submit Paperwork to Georgia Environmental Protection (June 25)
  8. Identify Components for Recycling (June 29)
  9. Contact Erosion Control Company (July 6)
  10. Conduct Pre-Demolition Inspection (July 10)