Sunday, November 22, 2015

AAAAAGGGGHHHHH Topic #1: How to be a Woman and Ask for Business in a Man's world

How to be a Woman and Ask for Business in a Man's World
Alternate Title:   Demolition Derby Time?

I'm not explaining in this one. I'm actually asking:

"How to be a woman and ask for business in a Man's world?"

It's a legit question. Eight years into this there are themes that continue to recur....

Whisper into the ear of some men the words real slowly: "demo-li-tion, a-ggre-gate, gra-ding, de-ten-tion ponds", and finish it with a sultry "un-der-ground stor-age tanks". They get stupid. They start shuffling their feet in the dirt in their Carharts. They rev their diesel engines a little. They get excited.

But why do I always feel like when I get involved it kind of spoils the man-party.

I'm not the best estimator in the world. I'm not the worst. I actually want to learn AND I don't want to lose money learning.  So if my company is clean and ethical and presents real numbers with average profit expectations, why do we continue to lose to unethical companies appearing before Judges with Judgments handed down year after year? Doesn't any of the buyers of demolition and environmental services buyers actually read the Atlanta Business Chronicle? It's like gossip for people and companies you don't even know, and hope you never do. And it's not even gossip, it's for real. And pray your company never appears there where the fine print legal action takes place.  (Insert I hope I'm never sued but I'm sure I will be Prayer here x).

How do I:
1.) present the proposal
2.) ask for the business
3.) not come off as an aggressive bitch?
4.) and not ask how or why I could possibly lose yet again to a notorious company that doesn't pay their subs?


Meanwhile, while looking (ok, Googling) for a kick ass graphic to go with this post, I may have found some inspiring.......women.........moms..........doing amazing things in a man's world..........though I'm not sure why, but that's not the point. Maybe just a sign to rev up my own diesel and start careening around a little. Maybe put a little Demolition Derby into my efforts.....

Photo: ABC News

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