Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Demolition - Wait, What Do I Get For My Money?

Ugh, Demolition, a necessary evil for so many. The payment of money, jack, bones, the big bucks.... mula for what? To make something undesirable disappear? That it a hard pill (bill) to swallow for some. It's difficult to part with money when you literally get nothing in return. It kind of messes with your mind. It is converse to the arrangement of one getting something of value with the payment of money. Normally under-budgeted and often minimized by the lack of understanding regulatory and environmental factors, owners typically suffer major sticker shock when presented with demolition estimates. Why does demolition have to be so expensive? There are several environmental considerations qualified contractors price when determining a bid for the work: For Instance, hand removal of all fluorescent blubs from the facility prior to demolition. THAT takes time and money and labor beyond knucklehead level to ensure that they do not disturb potential mercury associated with the bulbs.......Read All About it, as found on the Georgia EPD website: Other factors that drive demolition costs: Workers insured by Workers Compensation by one of the most risky and expensive classes of insurance (don't get me started......); Distance to the concrete recycling facility, disposal facility, and/or recycling facility; Permitting Costs that vary widely per jurisdiction Volatility in the Value of Steel; Administrative Costs associated with documenting and tracking recycling, waste, personnel, time, project management, safety meetings, equipment maintenance....... I'm exhausted just thinking about it all. I better markup a little more overhead in my next proposal. xxoo, Gina Oh Yeah and This is not me with your money:

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